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Best 10 YouTube Ranking Factors – Guide to Optimizing your YouTube Presence

Google SEO Trends has found the best 10 YouTube ranking factors that help all YouTubers in optimizing your YouTube channel presence in the second largest search engine on the web.

We have Comprehensive guide for all of the beginners who want to rank their videos at number one position in less time.

Google released that 70% percent of users growing on YouTube and searching, to begin with “How To” keywords years over year.

Nowadays YouTube increased their popularity and reach in both Google search engine and video search.

How We Rank high YouTube videos in YouTube Search Result, The best 10 YouTube Ranking Factors.

In last few months I have learned more about YouTube and focus on more than 1000 channels that have number one rank for their videos and noted that best 10 YouTube ranking factors like, Comments, Views, Videos lengths, and shares.

Below are the YouTube ranking factors guide highlights!

Number: 1.) More Comments on your YouTube channel videos have a strong connection with a higher ranking.  

Number: 2.) The Video longer than 14 Minutes can perform better than short videos.

Number: 3.) We have found that views on your YouTube Channel videos have a remarkable connection with a ranking factor.

Number: 4.) The more you share your YouTube Channel videos on social media, the chances of higher ranking on YouTube has been increased day by day.

Number: 5.) Videos views have a very important connection with Higher Ranking on YouTube Channel.

Number: 6.) We have found that increasing subscribers on your YouTube channel day by day is the very strong reason and connection with ranking.

Suppose, you have more than 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel, and you upload a new video then you will get more than 1000 views in one day.

Number: 7.) Keywords-rich video tags have a very small connection with YouTube videos ranking because YouTube can now understand the video content without the help of Meta Tags.   

Number: 8.) YouTube Videos that contain same and exact title as video keyword have a small impact over videos that don’t.  That’s mean using the exact keyword in Title have improved small edge ranking in YouTube Search Ranking.

Number: 9.) We Found that there is less connection between keyword-optimized videos description with ranking.

Number: 10.) If you are uploading HD videos on YouTube channel then chances of high ranking increased. Approximately 70% of HD videos rank number in YouTube search result.


These are the all best 10 YouTube ranking factors that you all have need to use in the optimization of your videos on YouTube Channel.

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