Xenophobia: What’s worse than humans fearing humans?

Xenophobia is a term that has been bouncing perennially as the world finds itself amid a refugee crisis and a scenario wherein people are seeking asylums across borders

To define Xenophobia in a minimalistic manner, it simply means fear of people who belong to a different nation. A fear of foreigners is what Xenophobia is!

Xenophobia is just a reminder to us that we are the world that is selfish to the core!

We very often come across incidents of people being discriminated against for wearing a veil, people not allowed to board a plane for they had a turban or even Indians and Asians shot and killed abroad or people shouting upon them to go back.

All of these are different connotations of xenophobia and even in the 21st Century we need to fight this stupid phenomenon then the blame is only on us. The world was a beautiful gift conferred to us by nature and heavens but like every other thing, we ruined it!

Sitting in an economics class and discussing the concept of globalization your professors would tell you that the world is one big village!

Next time they tell you this you must ask them about what do they have to say about Xenophobia then?

If the world is a global village then why do people fear others who also belong to the same village?

People being afraid of aliens is still understandable for they come from a different world but people fearing people from this very world is rather absurd!

What Causes Xenophobia?

The manifestation of Xenophobia as an abstract finds different causes and reasons. The reasons for being afraid or feeling disgusted at the presence of strangers or foreigners spread over a wide spectrum.

These reasons may include fear of losing self-identity or perhaps suspicion of activities or actions by those who come from a different nation or even to preserve the assumed purity.

Be it an argument in favor of xenophobia, all of them are only redundant and a blot on the name of humanity.

Who is responsible for this vagueness?

For anything that goes wrong in the world, how can any other species surpass us in being the perpetrators? The fear of humans among humans has only been created by humans!

A democracy may or may not be of the people, for the people and by the people but xenophobia is fear of the people, for the people and by the people!

Attacks like 9/11 and the dreadful terror face of Islam especially the one endorsed by the ISIS and similar factions make it only legit that the world should indeed be wary of the innocent refugees or other people moving into their countries.

Refugee Statistics as per the UNHCR  

 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the United Nations Refugee Agency. The following figures while make you realize why we need to come out of our xenophobic selves and open our arms to these people who are homeless and in millions

In 2016 the figure of people forcibly displaced worldwide is 65.6 Million

In 2016 the count of refugees stood at 22.5 million

28,300 people were forced out of their homes per day owing to conflict and persecution

Across the globe, 20 people are displaced every minute 

More than half of these refugees are under 18 years of age

Don’t these stats send shivers down your soul?

Can’t we be humans placed better than these helpless people sympathize with them and openly accept them?

Why do we look at these from eyes of suspicion just because a few from their community spread terror?

It is the time we realize how Xenophobia is such a misfit and a blot to humanity and we must come out from it, it is high time we do! You cannot Just ban people coming in from other nations like Donald Trump did because any such ban chokes the very principle of humanity. The way

The way the UK cited reasons for Brexit in the name of the refugee intake to is also a dark chapter in the account books of humanity.

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