Best 5 places to visit in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a magnificent place to visit in northern Europe. Strong reasons to visit this place are its strong historical, cultural and linguistic ties.

It encompasses several different countries still they all are unique and special. People living in this place welcome you with an open heart.

It has fascinating cultures full of myth mystery and legendary gods among which few you may know and few you may not have even heard of.

This place is filled with mesmerizing landscapes and natural wonders that would attract a place in your heart forever.

Here is the list of the best 5 places to visit in Scandinavia

If you would want to visit this place the top five places which you should visit are:

1. Kola National Park

It is voted the best hiking area in Finland in 2013. The park has over eighty kilometers of hiking routes which went through centuries-old, mass covered forest, past waterfalls and through meadow-like clearings.

If you climb Ukko Koli Hill, which is over 350m above sea level, you will be gifted with the best-known view in all of Finland-The paranormal of Lake Pielinem.

2. Oresund Underwater Bridge

The Oresund Underwater Bridge links Sweden and Denmark. It stretches for almost five miles across the Oresund strait and is the longest road and Railway Bridge in the world.

Driving over the Oresund Bridge is like living an imaginary dream.

At one moment I was cruising almost two hundred feet above the sea and the next moment plunging down to over thirty feet below it.

3. Stockholm Archipelago

It has around twenty thousand islands spread throughout the Baltic Sea. If you ever want your own island, you should definitely sail around the Stockholm Archipelago.

It is the world’s famous place for its quality of food.

The islands are full of farm shops where you can try and purchase local food items which have been ecologically produced.

4. The Atlantic Road

If you love driving, the Atlantic Road should top your list of amazing highways. The Atlantic Road curves its way through an archipelago of islands on the Western coast of Norway.

The road links the islands together with five miles of switchbacks more twisted than a dragon’s back, eight bridges, and several viaducts.

It gave me the most amazing drive with a variety of places to stop along the way for capturing some mesmerizing viewpoints.

It would give you a lifetime experience which you can treasure in your heart forever.

5. Ice Hotel, Sweden

The cold lovers can have a perfect stay at the Ice Hotel in the small town of Jukkasjarvi in North Sweden.

It has around 70 deluxe suite constructed every year with ice blocks taken from a nearby river. I stayed in the igloo type rooms which are decorated with murals and statues carved by local sculptures.

It’s the most unique and special experience to lay back, wrapped up in an army issue sleeping bag and reindeer skin blankets to watch the magnificent view through the skylight opening of your room.

It’s a must to take a shot or two of vodka served in ice glass at the Ice Hotels bar and beat the chill.

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