Top Inspirational Quotes From Movies that will motivate you to live “Life”

It is amazing how movies fascinate us and how in some movies we find a reflection of our lives. Movies fictional or non-fictional exhibit the society, exhibit faced or probable circumstances and one can actually relate to a character or two in every movie.

Some Characters like ‘Jai and Veeru’ from Sholay or ‘Gabbar’ from the same movie become immortal and in fact, the same applies to Hollywood.

While some characters became legend some dialogues become part of a legacy or the golden history.

Our concern here is with these dialogues only. We bring to you the most epic dialogues from your favourite stars which urge you and inspire you to stand for your concerns and float your voice or opinion.

Some movies inspire because some characters in them are meant to inspire with their fascinating dialogues that mean much more than just a part of the script. These dialogues reflect life and the ways to deal with it.

Here’s our tally

Kashti lehron se takraegi toh hi kinare naseeb honge – Once upon a time in Mumbai

This has to be one of the most epic dialogues in terms of motivation. These words as said by Ajay Devgan in the movie immediately spur a certain confidence inside to voice your opinion and stand for it.

This motivation that surrounds this set of words is something we all need in different phases of our life.

Sometimes we are so caught in the whirlpool of life that we want someone to say this to us to give a new direction to life and not feel scared to speak out our desires and ambitions.

Jab zindagi ek bar mili to do bar kyun sochna – Dirty Picture

Often it happens that we want to say what our heart feels and do what our ambitions narrate but we are often caught in a cliché, ‘log kya kahenge’ is the only thing we could think off. This apprehension distorts all of our dreams, voice and ambitions.

This dialogue from Vidya Balan in Dirty has a strong vibe of a flamboyant positivity. These words have that power to push you to stand for yourself and hence this is one of those dialogues which form a part of the legacy.

‘Kahin pohnchne ke lie kahin se nikalna bhut zaruri hai’ – Ye Jawani hai Diwani

This movie is a delight for every youngster. There’s so much to relate from this movie be it about friendship or love.

This dialogue but is the show stopper. It says that to reach somewhere it is very important to start and this is the same instigation that we often fail to get. To reach the sky a launch is important and to sail with valor in the sea you have to get down into the mammoth sea.

Ranbir Kapoor in this movie puts all of this gracefully in this one line and we can’t cease to be in the awe of this dialogue.

‘Safe feel krne k lie pehle sare dar mitana zaroori hai’ – Dear Zindagi

When has Shahrukh Khan failed to be a charmer? His stint in Dear Zindagi is both impressive and inspiring. This dialogue has a lot to say and a lot of realizations to trigger.

Very beautifully this dialogue puts forth as to how important it is to win or conquer your fears in order to feel confident and safe. This dialogue surely adds a lot of meaning in our life especially for the young people out there who are battling new fears each day.

‘Great men are not born great, they grow great’ – The Godfather

This comes from the epic movie that is part of a golden history in Hollywood. How beautifully this puts forth a simple fact that you have to claim your moments, for no one is born great.

You have to raise your voice and the bar of your ambitions to script greatness and this dialogue renders all the motivation needed in order to pursue being great.

‘At some point everything is going to go south on you, you can either accept that or you can get to work’ – Martian

Again from Hollywood! We remember this movie and we remember Mark Watney’s survival instincts and courage as he is left on Mars all alone. This dialogue from Martian is monumental in what it conveys.

Often life comes harsh at us and then the only choices left are either to accept it or confront it and defeat it. As life goes south the only sensible thing you can do is take your motivation and voice north to come back to the shore. Be heard to yourself and others and fight out the odds.

‘Life is not about how hard of a hit you can give, it’s about how many can you take and still keep moving forward’ – Rocky

All of us are in awe of Sylvester Stallone in this one of the greatest Hollywood movies of all times. This dialogue is a metaphor to idea of ‘keep going’ despite all odds and despite the hits and tussles of life.

This is a reality check to our strength both physical and mental and our ability to stand for ourselves and raise our voice to say that we can still keep going for we have what it takes to stand despite the falls.

‘Some goals are so worthy that it is glorious even to fail them’ – LOC Kargil

This isn’t just a movie dialogue. This is how a brave heart of the Indian Army, Captain Manoj Pandey felt. This dialogue in this movie is delivered gracefully by Ajay Devgan who plays Captain Manoj Pandey, the Kargil martyr.

Victory or defeat are secondary what comes first is the initiation to the pursuit of your goals. Undoubtdely some goals are so special and worthy of all your efforts even if the percentage of achievement is next to zero.

This is what kept Captain Manoj Pandey going in the tough terrains of Kargil to script victories at the cost of his life. We salute his spirit and his love for the nation.

‘Bhagwaan ke bharose mat baithiye, kya pta bhagwan humare bharose baitha ho’ – Manjhi

Manjhi the mountain main tells us that if one decides to even mountains can be eroded with courage and determination. In this beautiful dialogue he surrounds complacency with a satire.

The complacency wherein we are waiting for things to happen on their own depending on destiny, faith and what not! If you have to achieve something you need to coup towards it for destiny wouldn’t come your way.

‘Kaun Kehta hai aasman main suraakh nhi ho skta, ek pathar to uchall ke dekho yaaro’ – Saheb Biwi Aur gangster returns

This isn’t just a candid dialogue. There’s more to it. Often we believe that certain things are impossible to achieve and we just give up the idea of even trying.

This dialogue urges us to ask anti that stubborn complacency. Raise your voice even if you feel no one would here but at least impress your conscience of the fact that you did try fearlessly.

‘kabhi kisiko itna bhi mat darao ki darr hi khatam ho jaye’ –Mary Kom

Fear is the largest enemy of our ambitions and dreams. This dialogue highlights the fact beautifully that after a point in time you would start feeling fearless after being subject to paramount fears and then you become unstoppable.

‘Dimag aur dil jab ek saath kaam karte hai to fark nhi padta dil kaunsa hai aur dimag kaunsa’ – Iqbal

We are often caught between our mind and heart and our ambitions become the scapegoat of this paradox. This dialogue seems to solve the problem. When both the mind and heart are in synchronization and agreement the only way to go is forward.

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