Things to keep in mind before hiring a lean consultant and how it can be beneficial for your business?

Lean consulting is gaining importance with increasing needs for waste reduction and output increment by companies. Every business requires someone who knows how to cut down the wastage of resources and utilize the available staff and materials properly.

It’s not necessary that only manufacturing plants adopt such strategies but, any company can go for lean management for their development.

Many companies understand this point so, they try to implement their own lean manufacturing plans but, it’s risky considering the chances of failure.

If your company is also finding it difficult to maintain production levels along with proper cost, then it’s time for you to hire an expert to deal with this situation.

A lean consultant can help you by providing lean strategies which can improve the working processes of the company and reduce wastes.

So, what are the things we have to keep in mind before hiring a lean consultant?

Knowing this will help you in hiring a perfect lean resource for your company.

Things to Keep in Mind:

The Reason for Hiring Lean Consultant:

The first thing which you should keep in mind before hiring a lean consultant is the accurate reason.

Although companies hire a lean consultant for the general reason for reducing wastage and increasing profit but still every business has its individual requirements.

It’s very significant for you to know your clear cut needs so that you can define it transparently in front of your consultant.

Because the hired resource would require your help in order to generate plans for you.

Test Knowledge:

It’s a basic rule to check the knowledge of the candidate or consultancy which you are going to hire.

You can schedule proper interviews to check the understanding of all available candidates before selecting the best one for your company.

It’s very necessary to have a face to face conversation with the aspirants to know about their grasp over the subject.

It’s obvious that you must hire a person who has in-depth knowledge of lean consulting.

Expertise and Experience:

Lean management is a field which requires adequate expertise along with sound knowledge. The competence of a consultant helps him in evolving strategies according to the needs of various companies.

He will gain that expertise only through proper hands-on experience in that area.

Lean consulting is a big task in which the consultant should have to face lots of pressure, challenges, and even failure before succeeding.

Thus, you must consider the experience of the candidate which will eventually help him in combating the hardships.


The wavelength of your thoughts should match with your consultant to work together efficiently.

The candidate should be compatible enough to complement your thought process and understand your ideas to devise plans which are suitable for your company.

This compatibility will help him to invent such policies which were always there in the back of your mind but, you were unable to identify them.

You can’t judge someone’s compatibility in one single meeting so you should meet the candidates at least 2-3 times before hiring them.

Comprehend the Correct Skill Set:

Before buying any equipment you figure out the main features it must have so just like that, you should know the required skill set which a consultant must have to fit in your company.

It will be easy for you to judge various consultants if you have a list of desired skills for the lean consultant. The skills can work as parameters to evaluate the individuals properly.

For example, a consultant should have analytical thinking, problem-solving ability, logical thinking, decision-making ability, adapting skills, reasoning ability in their skills set.

These are some common skills as nobody can create your desired list better than you.

You will be able to hire the best lean consultant for your company keeping all these things in mind.

You can talk with your senior employees if you wish to add any other points to check the candidates as it’s always good to listen to the ideas of others.

Benefits of Hiring a Lean Consultant:

You must be contemplating the matter of hiring a lean manufacturing consultant and the next question which we believe you should have is why to hire a lean consultant?

How it can be beneficial for the company? We understand that every business-oriented mind thinks of the benefits behind every company related actions.

Considering this, we are mentioning a few benefits of your company in hiring a lean consultant.

  1. The consultants are skilled enough to pinpoint all the roadblocks in the production process and development of the company. Identifying the problems and wastes is easy for them as they are doing it for a long span of time.
  2. They have a lean vision which helps them in spotting the scrap materials and even trivial activities that are draining employees’ time. The consultant can see everything through a lean lens which is not possible for others.
  3. The experience of specialists has taught them a lot of things which other employees are unaware of. They must have made mistakes, faced failures and oppositions while employing lean strategies in the past. All of these made them competent in dealing with a difficult situation and not repeating the same mistakes again.
  4. The consultant will be wholeheartedly dedicated to lean manufacturing as it is his field of interest, knowledge, and expertise. He will be fully devoted to the task of devising plans and applying them to the company in order to attain positive results. So, he will be more enthusiastic about lean management of the company.
  5. The consultant will be able to accept the failures and reconstruct plans with the same energy and full confidence. The downfall is a part of this job which had made the consultant expert in handling failures.

Now, the decision is totally yours and with it the future of your company as well. Good luck!

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