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How to Do SEO for Website Step By Step?

Nowadays, every businessman has a website and they want to get lead through, but they don’t have an idea about Search engine optimization and how to use it.

Today Google SEO Trends will explore some important point about, How to do SEO for website step by step and increase website traffic 0 to 10,000 or more.

There are too many things have to consider when you are going to established a website for your Organization.

In this article, we are going to discuss most important steps that really effects and matter in the case of, search engine ranking, traffic from search engine and increase traffic from 0 to 10000 or more.

Step 1: On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization will help you rank high in search engine. It is important because, when you set Meta tags for your website page, it will send a strong signal to Google search engine that about your page category or what is a page about.

We need on-page optimization when we are going to write some article on the website, For example, In On-page Keyword selection, placement and anchor text presence in important and that is not an easy task for everyone without any half knowledge.

A person with good knowledge will choose a less competitive and long-tail keyword for their article. Reason, Long tail keyword with less competition is rank quickly in the search engine result page.

Because Google Search engine now becomes more updated with their algorithm and require more flexible keywords placement and selection. Write keyword selection or placement in the right place is the most crucial achievement.

Your targeted keyword should be existing in several locations such as article heading, the first paragraph of the article, etc.  And anchor text should be relevant to your hyperlink data.

Step 2: Internal Linking

After Keyword Selection or placement on right place and point, we are going to explore about internal linking of your article or page.

Internal linking is also a main major factor of how to improve Google search ranking or traffic. Internal linking or cross-linking should be the most important part of SEO.

Because of cross-linking you backlinks from your subpages is still active and giving a more relevant result from search engine.

Step 3: Image Optimization/Alt Tag Optimization

In an Article and SEO, Image Optimization is considered as a third and most powerful factor. Image optimization is not just uploaded the image on your article or page.

It is about upload image according to your article, set Alt tag according to your target keyword and renames it accordingly. Avoid copyrighted images and spotless images for better understanding.

Step 4: XML Sitemap

Design or generate an xml sitemap for your website to give a proper command and path to the crawler that follows its path and index your website respectively.

Step 5: Website Load Time/Speed

Website speed plays a major role in search engine ranking. If your website loading speed is slow then try to fix it and decrease load time because the user never likes a slow site.

Best bay to analyze your website or check website speed, there are several platforms that help you in this like, GTmetricsPingdom tools and Google Insight. According to Google, your website should be fastest and lightweight because a website with slow speed will not remain in search for a long time.

Step 6: External Linking

After checking your website speed, the next step is to make relevant and high authority external link for your website or page. It increases your website reputation around the internet.

This step also improves your ranking in Google search engine because someone clicks your link from a high authority website and come on your website.

One more thing to remember is if the incoming link from dofollow website that is plus point for your site instead of nofollow, because Google does not consider nofollow links.

Step 7: Social Media Sharing

Social Media is the main hub for businessman website or online reputation because that is the biggest place where we can connect with our fans and share your valuable content with the theme.

It also plays a major role when we promote or create awareness for our brand among your targeted audience.

Please let us know if you have any question about how to do SEO for website Step By Step or comment your valuable comments on below comment box.

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