Why Dubai Desert Safari’s Sand Dunes are considered as the best one?

Dubai is best known for its huge buildings, beaches, water parks, lavish restaurants and last but not the least its Deserts.

A visit to Dubai desert safari is a must thing to do if you are visiting Dubai.

Desert Safari Dubai leads at prime three Attractions within the United Arab Emirates. It has captured the hearts of a lot of tourists worldwide. A large variety of tourists and guests return to get pleasure from Desert safari Dubai once a year.

The Deserts of Dubai gives a different level of peace to the people who visit it. Walking on the sand dunes or going on the desert on a four-wheel ride.

Experiencing the four-wheel ride going up and down in a zig-zag manner while you just sit there and click a lot of pictures or the sunrise if you selected our morning desert safari package or of the sunset if you selected our evening desert safari package.

The experience gets more amazing when during the ride the Arabic music is played.

Other than that you can do numerous kind of activities in the Sand dunes of Dubai Desert Safari.

Get an amazing experience of getting a ride in the SHIP OF DESERT

Oh yes, you read it write “SHIP OF DESERT” which is called Camel ride.

Camel ride is called as the Ship of Desert. You cannot have this experience in your daily life. Like obviously just think that in a normal routine you go to your workplace or anywhere in your car or in any other easy mode of transport.

But the experience of sitting on a camel and then exploring the sand dunes while riding on it that of course, you cannot get in your daily busy life or in any other country, because Dubai is known for the best deserts.

What about Sand Boarding?

Sandboarding is a board sport and extreme sport almost like snowboarding
Take a Sand Dune Drive in a Four-wheel drive going up and down and doing zigzag on high of the fine fringe of vast Red Sand Dunes at an awfully quick speed.

It is very popular throughout the world especially in desert regions like Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE Especially Dubai as it has the largest dunes in the country and an unlimited supply of sand dunes.

The sand dunes of Desert Safari Dubai is about 30 minutes’ drive from the city. It is preferred in the early morning or just before the sunset usually at high temperature. You should have a lot of water with you and should take small breaks between it.

Let’s also Experience Quad Biking in Dubai Desert Safari

You can get an exhilarating experience with a quad bike that may be a 3 or four-wheeled ride within the sand dunes of the desert safari.

You will be supplied with a correct guide by our specialists before the ride. Have an astonishing experience of exploring the sand dunes whereas enjoying the Quad Bike.

Throughout the ride, you get a beautiful experience of seeing the gorgeous sunset and sunrise.

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